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While my focus is on teaching and research as an academic, I’m also an activist and practitioner for better access, quality provision and distribution for sexual and reproductive health. My current dissertation research is on reproductive policy and maternal mortality, and I approach this research and communities of focus (including my own) with care. One way in which I show care is by empowering communities and individuals to take control and demand accountability in their reproductive journey through my skills as a doula and my knowledge on sexual and reproductive health. Over the past decade, and currently, I facilitate workshops for diverse audiences including community organizers, healthcare practitioners, students, and private citizens on their family planning journey. I am a member of the Doulas of Douglas County: and happy to put you in contact with resources in Kansas, nationally (US) or internationally (Canada and English-speaking Caribbean) as I am also a member of DONA international and continue to engage transnationally. I pay keen attention to these locations since I have benefitted from public health resources from these countries. I hope to make contributions for better health through my doula and childbirth educator services. The journey continues. In addition to my nascent doula practice, I have been active in women’s rights in Guyana and the Caribbean through the Women’s Rights organization – Red Thread since 2009: Reproductive health is only one facet of women’s health that I focus on in Guyana and transnationally.

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