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Active citizenship

I challenge myself to grow and to unlearn so as to continue the development of my practice. Over the years, I have been recognized for service work through a series of fellowships, scholarships, and awards, all geared to improve my theoretical lens and practice, and the implications of the work I do.

I still believe now, as I did then, we are products of our environments and influencers of said environments. Research is a tool I utilize to guide my participation in governance, to improve myself and secure my own wellbeing, and how I frame problem-solving interventions at micro and macro levels - the community, national and international levels.

Spanning nearly 15 years, I continue to bridge research with activism, and this connection continues to birth innovative lenses that I apply to better respond to questions of challenges, resilience, and development. I challenge myself to be present and resilient, and research and education are the spheres I illustrate such undisputable resilience. These are a few notable Awards I have received recognizing the work I have done and to help me advance my current dissertation research, and expertise areas.


Current Awards:

See link for more on my 2023-2024 Fulbright-Hays award:

See link for more on my 2023-2024 scholarship through Harry S. Truman Foundation: 

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