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A Reproductive Justice Approach to
Maternal Mortality in Guyana



Georgetown, Guyana: Country of birth where I spent most of my adult life. Home.

Georgetown, Guyana: My country of research. 

My doctoral research/dissertation research studies pregnancy and birthing experiences and maternal mortality narratives in relation to healthcare systems – both formal state sanctioned and informal traditional systems – in Georgetown, Guyana. It examines the stories of causation that underpin policy-responses to pregnancy-related deaths and injuries over the period 2015–2022 in Georgetown, Guyana.  This research utilizes an ethnographic qualitative design using the methods of interview and focus group to collect birthing-related stories, beliefs, debates, politics, and interpretations of pregnancy-related deaths of Guyanese of diverse gender, sexuality, racial, ethnic, (non)-religious, and spiritual leanings in relation to the social structures and institutions that shape these human experiences. My research seeks to shed light on gaps, contradictions and disconnections that exist between the reproductive policy goal of reducing maternal mortality and the lived experiences and practices of Guyanese.

Participation in this research will help me to illustrate how using data about people’s experiences can bring about awareness and better decision-making and the provision of goods and services. Reproductive health is a key indicator of wellbeing, and I want to contribute to my birth country through research. My work is an extension of the SRH& Rights initiatives I have participated in through NGOs and State agencies over a 20 year period as a resident of Georgetown, Guyana. More so, participation in this research will contribute to expanding problem-solving on individual and institutional levels.

Click the Dissertation Research Tab for more information on my research.

I am no stranger to public service or civic engagement in Guyana. See my CV for more information

The Research is approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Ministry of Health in Guyana, and the IRB of the Office of Research at the University of Kansas.

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